25 years of Scalabrini in Africa, June 2019

25 years of Scalabrini in Africa

In 2019 the Congregation of Missionaries of St Charles, commonly known as Scalabrinian Fathers, will celebrate the silver jubilee, 25 years of their presence and service on the African soil. Although the Congregation was founded in the late nineteenth century and it has spread to other continents in the earlier stage after its foundation, in 1994 they felt it was the time to explore any new country on the continent of Africa.

In those years, the Scalabrinian missionaries have expanded their pastoral and social projects in the care of migrants, refugees and seafarers in the other geographical areas of Southern Africa. When they arrived, they settled in Cape Town. Lately, they have opened  other missions in Johannesburg and Nampula in Mozambique. Their presence in these areas of Africa has been of great significance to the population of migrants, refugees and seafarers, for they arrived at the right time when their services were most needed. The African continent is still the place where million of people are moving across borders, looking for protection or better conditions of life. The ministry and the experience of Scalabrini missionaries and their organisations are still needed and requested in many areas. That’s why our commitment and our desire to serve people of the move in Africa is now pushing us towards new destinations and new projects.

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