Research projects by SIHMA

Understanding the lived reality of ‘children on the move’ in the eastern border area of Zambia to develop recommendations for support programmes for vulnerable children in border zones

Oct 31, 2022
Keywords: human trafficking, smuggling, vulnerable minors

Background Previous studies at the various borders in southern Africa e.g. South Africa/Mozambique, Zimbabwe/Mozambique indicate that irregular movement of young people across borders is common and motivated mostly by the search for employment and livelihood opportunities.

Pathways of well-being and belonging among migrant youth in Cape Town

Apr 14, 2022
Keywords: sense of belonging, vulnerable minors

Introduction, motivation and literature review Children and young people with experiences of migration in South Africa are building their lives in contexts of deep insecurity (Magqibelo et al. 2016, Willie and Mfubu 2016, Opfermann 2019). Research is needed on...