Research Policy

Research Policy

Purpose of Policy:

The purpose of this policy is to provide a guiding framework for SIHMA’s research activities, including guidelines for setting strategic research agendas, developing and maintaining research partnerships and collaborations (including authorship), research capacity development, and ensuring appropriate and ethical research design and execution.

Policy Contents:

1. Strategic Direction of Research

1.1. Role of Strategic Planning

1.2. Research Agenda and Criteria

2. Research Partnerships and Collaborations

2.1.   Research Partnership with the Scalabrini Centre

2.2.   Research Collaboration with SIMN

2.3.   Research Collaborations with Academic and Research Institutions

2.4.   Research Collaborations with Individual Researchers

2.5.   Authorship

3. Research Capacity Development

3.1.   Internships

3.2.   Staff Research Capacity

4. Managing Research Ethics

4.1. Beneficence and Non-Maleficence

4.2. Informed Consent

4.3. Confidentiality

4.4. The Duty of Honesty and Integrity

4.5. Data Protection Policy

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