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New interns starting at SIHMA, from the University of Valencia

In the last two months SIHMA started a collaboration with the University of Valencia and had the opportunity to receive three interns from its International Masters in Migration Programme. Nicolette was the first student who started her internship at our Cape Town office on the 27th of September, and on the 10th of November Marzia and Ángela also joined SIHMAs team.

Our students chose Scalabrini Institute of Human Mobility in Africa, based in Cape Town for their curricular internship, thanks to the contacts drawn from a lecturer in their Masters Programme at the University of Valencia, in Spain. The collaboration between the University of  Valencia and the Scalabrini Network started when the director of the International Masters in Migration (MIM), Dr Edelia Villaroya Soler, got in touch with our sister study centre in Rome, CSER, when she was writing her doctoral thesis. From this collaboration Edelia Villaroya Soler included as internship partners of the Master: SIHMA, CSER and SIMI, the Scalabrini International Migration Institute, as well as CIEMI, the Centre dInformation et dEtudes sur les Migrations Internationales in Paris.

In particular, our interns decided to join SIHMA in Cape Town for their internship, for their interest in studying all the aspects of migration from the African perspective and in order to participate in research projects and interventions with migrants, asylum-seekers and refugees.

Here below you can read their introductions and get to know our students better.

Ángela was born and grew up in València, Spain. She graduated in Social Work with a focus on Interculturality, Cooperation and Social Exclusion at the University of València where she is also currently studying at the International Master’s in Migration Studies Programme. In Italy she participated in a European project on Human Rights. In France she did a Civic Service program with refugees and asylum-seekers where the mission was to assist people in their daily lives which included accompanying them to appointments and accessing services,  and to learn how the bureaucratic system works to request asylum in France. Ángela also did two university internships in a centre for minors with legal interventions and a volunteer program with children coming from different countries of Africa in order to give them school support. She also did an internship in an association working with migrants in sheltered flats. In Italy she also participated in a volunteer service in a neighbourhood where the mission was to reduce school dropout rates. She wrote a Bachelor of Arts Dissertation about detention centres for foreigners in Spain and made a comparison between them and the prisons. She has joined SIHMA for the next 3 months. Her objective at SIHMA is to learn about migration from a different perspective in comparison to Europe and to know different realities. She also would like to know the conditions of migrants and people who want to apply for asylum.

Marzia was born and grew-up in Arezzo, Italy. She graduated in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation at the University for Foreigners of Siena and she is currently studying at the International Masters in Migration Studies Programme at the University of Valencia, Spain. During her studies, she spent one year in Germany for study purposes and she did an internship for the Ethimological Lexicon of the Italian Language. Later she worked in a nursery in Germany. She has been part of a fundraising volunteers’ program for Oxfam in Italy and she also volunteered with a cultural exchange programme in her city of birth to welcome and assist international students coming to study in Arezzo. She was also a volunteer service for the Red Cross in Valencia, where she attended to the needs of people with a migration background living in the settlements around the city. Marzia is currently carrying out an internship of 3 months at SIHMA in order to enlarge her knowledge about migration in Africa. Her objetive in the future is to develop a more friendly environement for migrants, asylum-seekers and refugees on the move in order to anable them to get the same rights and conditions of life as any other person living in their country of destination.

We wish all the best for their internship and their experience at the Cape Town office.

If you are interested in  knowing or joining our Team please visit our web page and our Volunteer Program page.


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