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Norec workshop in Nairobi with Cultural Video

On February 20 and 21, SIHMA’s executive director Father Filippo and SIHMA’s project manager James Chapman were in Nairobi for a workshop hosted by Norec, together with the organization Cultural Video. Norec (the Norwegian Agency for Exchange Cooperation) is an executive body under the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Through what they call ‘mutual exchange’ they aim to help achieve the goals of Norwegian development policy. This means that they work with international partners who want to use the exchange model to learn from each other and develop.

Norec is the sponsor of the project by SIHMA and Cultural Video. Through the workshop of last week, they provide knowledge and inspiration on the exchange method. Furthermore, the workshop was a feasibility study, to determine whether it would be a successful partnership, and to decide on more specifics of the project. The goal of the project is for SIHMA and Cultural Video to work together and learn from each other. Cultural Video Production and Cultural Video Foundation, situated in the Nairobi Bus in Kenya, are two organizations with twelve years of experience in East Africa and have made many different award winning video productions. SIHMA will send two researchers to Kenya, so that Cultural Video can learn to use research in their filmmaking and how to document migration. Cultural Video will send two professionals to Cape Town so that SIHMA can learn how to develop media products for their trainings and conferences.

In the end, the goal is that both parties leave with new skills that they didn’t have before. The final tangible product of the partnership will be 3 or 4 workshops and a variety of media products. The entire project will encompass around 12 months. SIHMA looks forward to working together with the Nairobi Bus (Cultural Video).


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