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October Press Review

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South Sudan: Refugees fleeing the war in Sudan at risk of hunger - WFP

Africa News, 5 October 2023


A hunger emergency is escalating on the South Sudan-Sudan border as families escaping conflict in Sudan continue to arrive daily, with one in five children malnourished and 90 percent of families experiencing multiple days without food, according to the UN's World Food Programme. The rainy season has worsened conditions in the Renk refugee camp, making it challenging to provide aid, and the revised Regional Refugee Response Plan reflects the increased population and financial requirements in addressing this crisis.


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Uganda: refugees struggle to survive following aid cuts

Africa News, 3 October 2023


Uganda's refugee population is struggling due to cuts in humanitarian aid by the UN World Food Programme, with food rations reduced from 70% to 30% in July and further cuts expected. This has forced many refugees, including mothers, to turn to petty trade, sell belongings, and even engage in criminal activities to survive, leading to rising malnutrition rates among children and increasing hostility from host communities, and the UN agency is appealing for immediate donor support to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe.


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Uganda: Safe but Sidelined - Qualified Refugees Encounter Barriers to Employment in Uganda

Global Press Journal, 2 October 2023


Refugees in Uganda, including those with valuable skills, struggle to secure stable employment due to legal barriers and discrimination in the labor market. Despite progressive refugee laws in Uganda, such as the Refugees Act 2006, their lack of recognition as workers in the Employment Act and other legal inconsistencies hinder their ability to compete for jobs on an equal footing with Ugandans, resulting in high unemployment rates and lower wages for many refugees.


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Central African refugees stitch together new life in Cameroon

Radio France Internationale, 1 October 2023


Sheila Marallah, a refugee from the Central African Republic living in Cameroon, uses her skill in knitting intricate patterns to tell stories of love, loss, hope, and despair in her creations. Marallah is part of a group of over 352,000 refugees uprooted from their country due to war, and she, along with other female refugees, is finding resilience and empowerment through programs that help them learn trades and support their families, as discussed during a forum organized by the NGO G100.


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Dead, missing migrants in Mediterranean tripled this summer: UN

Africa News, 29 September 2023


The number of migrants who died or went missing in the Mediterranean this summer was three times higher than the same period last year, with at least 990 casualties between June and August, compared to 334 in 2022, according to UNICEF. Additionally, there has been a 60 percent increase in unaccompanied minors attempting the journey to Italy between January and September, with the UN deeming the Mediterranean a perilous route for children due to political decisions and a flawed migration system. 


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More than 16,000 children are displaced following Libya floods - UNICEF

UNICEF, 28 September 2023


More than 16,000 children in eastern Libya are displaced and facing psychosocial challenges following Africa's deadliest recorded storm, Storm Daniel, which struck on September 10th, causing widespread flooding and destruction in multiple areas. UNICEF is actively providing relief supplies and support, including medical supplies, hygiene kits, and psychosocial assistance to help children cope with the emotional impact of the disaster, while emphasizing the need for long-term recovery efforts in education, health, and water infrastructure, which is currently underfunded at 25% of its US$6.5 million appeal.


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Xenophobia Rears its Ugly Head in South Africa

Human Rights Watch, 28 September 2023


The article discusses the rise of xenophobia in South Africa, particularly through the actions of the anti-immigrant vigilante group Operation Dudula, which violently targets foreign nationals and advocates mass deportations. The documentary also highlights a concerning trend of anti-immigrant hate speech in the lead-up to the 2024 general elections, as Operation Dudula plans to register as a political party, despite South Africa's constitutional protections for both citizens and noncitizens and the need to combat violence and promote inclusivity.


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Africa: Environmental Disasters and Climate Change Force People to Cross Borders, but They're Not Recognised As Refugees - They Should Be

The Conversation, 26 September 2023


As the planet faces increasing environmental challenges due to climate change, more people are being forced to abandon their homes and seek safety. While many will stay within their own countries, some will cross borders, triggering the need for international protection. However, current laws and conventions do not classify those displaced by weather-related events as refugees, highlighting the need for amendments to provide them with full refugee protection, including legal safeguards, access to essential services, and the right to move freely. This issue calls for changes to international regulations and national laws, such as adding a protocol regarding climate-induced displacement to the 1969 OAU convention to ensure legal coverage for those crossing international borders due to weather shocks.


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More than 1,200 children have died in the past 5 months in conflict-wrecked Sudan, the UN says

AP news, 19 September 2023


In the past five months, over 1,200 children under the age of 5 have died in nine Sudanese refugee camps due to a deadly combination of measles and malnutrition, as reported by the UNHCR. The deaths occurred in the White Nile province amidst ongoing conflict in Sudan, with thousands of suspected cholera cases reported in other parts of the country, highlighting the dire humanitarian situation.


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Sudan refugees bring off-season tourism to Egypt's Aswan

Africa News, 15 September 2023


Thousands of Sudanese refugees have sought refuge in Aswan, Egypt, revitalizing the city's tourist season as they try to escape the horrors of war in Sudan. Many hope to settle permanently in Egypt, where they have found opportunities, although they face challenges such as discrimination and limited support from international organizations due to Egyptian government policies.


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What’s behind the surge in migrant arrivals to Italy?

AP news, 15 September 2023


Thousands of migrants and refugees have landed on Italy's Lampedusa island this week, overwhelming authorities and aid organizations as overcrowded boats from Tunisia arrive. This surge in arrivals highlights the ongoing challenges of managing migration to Europe, with many coming from African nations and facing issues such as overcrowded reception centers and growing anti-migrant sentiment.


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UN now expects 1.8 million people to flee Sudan by year-end

Reuters, 4 September 2023


The UN refugee agency has raised its estimate to over 1.8 million people fleeing Sudan into neighboring countries by the end of the year, citing increased violence and disease rates. They are appealing for $1 billion in aid, with growing concerns about rising malnutrition, cholera, measles, and preventable deaths among the new arrivals, as the appeal is only 19% funded.


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