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Exploring Regional Bodies in Africa and their Impact on Migration

Jan 16, 2024
Categories: Migration in Africa Migration Policies

The African continent is host to various regional bodies working towards common goals, including addressing the challenges of migration. In this blog post, we have identified key regional organizations in Africa and explore how they contribute to shaping migration policies, fostering cooperation, and upholding the rights and dignity of migrants and refugees. African Union (AU): At the heart of African collaboration is the African Union, a continental organization aiming to promote unity and solidarity among African nations. The AU's involvement...

The Global Refugee Forum 2023

Jan 09, 2024
Categories: Migration in Africa SIHMA

The Global Refugee Forum 2023, which took place from December 13 to 15 in Geneva, Switzerland, met in an effort to address the escalating challenges faced by the growing number of refugees worldwide. Co-convened by Colombia, France, Japan, Jordan, and Uganda, and co-hosted by Switzerland and UNHCR, the Forum gathered more than 4,200 participants from 168 countries, including over 300 refugee delegates. The Forum aimed to support the practical implementation of the objectives outlined in the Global Compact on Refugees:...

January Press Review

Jan 04, 2024
Categories: Migration in Africa news press review

International Everything politicians tell you about immigration is wrong. This is how it actually works The Guardian, 29 December 2023 The article challenges the perception of an accelerating global migration crisis, emphasizing that international migrants constitute only about 3% of the world population, with a stable percentage over the past 50 years. It argues that poverty is not the primary driver of migration, as evidence shows that migration increases as poor countries become richer. The piece highlights that labor demand,...

Footprints in the Desert Sands: Nurturing Resilience and Identity Amidst Loss – A Reflection on the ǂKhomani Cultural Landscape

Jan 02, 2024
Categories: Migration in Africa

At the end of a long day of journeying through the spectacularly beautiful desert landscape somewhere between Botswana and Namibia, we were worn out by the sadness of a message of the passing of a beloved cousin. We stepped into the surprising shade of a stone and thatch building: it was the ǂKhomani Cultural Landscape, a World Heritage Site out there between the horizontal red dunes of the Kalahari. The interior of the building enveloped us in large wall murals...

Stories of Compassion: Transformative Narratives for Understanding and Empathy

Dec 19, 2023
Categories: narrative of migration

When the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition invited me to join their transformative conversation workshop, I did not expect to learn the power of stories of compassion to change voter support for legislation to help migrants, refugees, and the others of our society. The right story could change one’s thinking about outsiders. It struck me that I might bring change by giving stories. If I were to choose a story for a small child, I would find a copy... of compassion Blog pictures.jpeg

National Reconciliation Day 2023: Embracing Unity by Recognizing the Contribution of Migrants, Refugees, and Asylees

Dec 15, 2023
Categories: Migrants Migration in Africa

As South Africa prepares to mark National Reconciliation Day on 16 December 2023, SIHMA recognizes the vital role of migrants, refugees, and asylees in shaping the narrative of inclusive nation-building. Under the theme "Strengthening unity and social cohesion in a healing nation," this year's celebration provides an opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of all who live in South Africa, including those who have crossed borders in search of peace and prosperity. National Reconciliation Day stands as a testament to the...