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Nelson Mandela Day 2023

Jul 18, 2023
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Photo by Ashim D’Silva on Unsplash Each year, Nelson Mandela International Day is celebrated on 18 July, celebrating the life and legacy of former President Nelson Mandela. Its purpose is to commemorate Mandela’s commitment to human rights on his day of birth and encourage people to take action to inspire change across the globe. The event originated in 2009, following a resolution passed by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). It was inspired by calls by Mandela to...

July 2023 Press Review

Jul 06, 2023
Categories: press review

Photo by Amr Serag on Unsplash International  Greece migrant tragedy: coastguard rope capsized boat, survivor accounts say Reuters, 30 June 2023 Survivors of a boat disaster that likely killed hundreds of migrants near Greece have given accounts of traffickers in North Africa cramming them into a clapped-out fishing trawler. They recounted hellish conditions above and below deck, with no food or water. When the ship sank it was carrying between 400 and 750 migrants... coffee.jpg

Legal Stay Granted for Zimbabwean Migrants

Jul 04, 2023
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Photo by Cytonn Photography on Unsplash On June 28th, the Pretoria High Court declared that the Minister of DHA’s decision to terminate the Zimbabwean Exemption Permit (ZEP) was “unlawful and unconstitutional.” The first exemption permit for Zimbabweans was established by South Africa in 2009 as the Dispensation of Zimbabwean Permit (DZP) to assist those fleeing political and economic instability (Mhaka, 2023). The permit was eventually reissued as the Zimbabwean Special Dispensation Permit (ZSP) and finally as the Zimbabwe...

Hospitality and the United States Immigration Law

Jul 04, 2023
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Photo of Vincent de Paul retrieved from St. Vincent de Paul Image Archive Online In today’s blog we share the work by Rev. Craig B. Mousin titled, “You Were Told to Love the Immigrant, But What if the Story Never Happened? Hospitality and United States”. The book highlights the intersection between biblical narratives and the law. The article describes the role played by secular and religious narratives in... de Paul.PNG

Youth and Migration

Jun 27, 2023
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Photo by Geralt on Pixabay Young people around the world continue to move internally and internationally because of a myriad of factors that either push them out of their country/place of origin or pull factors that attract them to the destination area. Some of these factors include employment, education, marriage, and to escape from poverty, violence, conflict, and environmental change (United Nations Department of...

World Refugees Day: Assessing South Africa's Refugee Protection System

Jun 20, 2023
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Image: (left to right) Abdikadir Khalif Mohamed, Devon Turner, Fr. Peter-John Pearson, Corey Johnson, and Nabeelah Mia Of the 34.3 million refugees around the word (United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), 2023a), South...