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Africa Report: South Africa's country profile

Feb 12, 2020
Categories: Report

The Africa Report #110, which came out in January 2020, dedicated a large section of this issue to 147 country profiles, discussing the current situation of the country and its perspective on the upcoming year. This blogpost will describe the key topics of South Africa’s country profile.   In the last term, major policy interventions were announced by the leading party; these include wider economic reforms, cuts to the civil service and the establishment...

Press Review January 2020

Feb 06, 2020

NATIONAL COVERAGE   Government tightens its grip on refugees and asylum seekers January 5, 2020 Tough new regulations to control the movement and activities of refugees and asylum seekers, including a ban on political activity and immediate detention on grounds of national security, have been implemented in South Africa. Furthermore, they also make it more difficult for refugees and asylum seekers to enter South Africa in the first place. The new regulations under the Refugees Act took effect on...

Uncrowned: The rise and fall of Isabel Dos Santos

Jan 29, 2020
Categories: news

Isabel Dos Santos, daughter of ex-Angolan president José Eduardo Dos Santos, is actually being investigated for illegal transactions and corruption. She was known as the African Queen, the richest woman in the continent: a true self-made businesswoman, in her own words. For 37 years, while her father ruled Angola, she held the top positions in the statal trade of diamonds and oil and became on of the most influential people in and outside Africa. Following a well-established system of kleptocracy...

Book review - Kasinomic Revolution

Jan 23, 2020
Categories: Review

The Rise of African Informal Economies GG Alcock’s new book, Kasinomic Revolution, The Rise of African Informal Economies(Tracey McDonald publishers, 2018), requires new lens to read and appreciate the possibilities offered by and within kasinomics, that is the economic informal sector of the townships. The reader is led into the labyrinth of hawkers, spaza shops and spazarettes by the voices of some people, men and women, who have found...

A new year... and a new colleague!

Jan 23, 2020
Categories: news

2020 has officially begun, and we wish everyone a very happy new year! At SIHMA, we are all back to work and have exciting plans for the coming year. Joining us this year is our brand-new Project Manager, James Chapman. He will be in charge of the many projects currently starting up at SIHMA, including research on a variety of migration-related topics. James used to work as the...

Intern Experience at SIHMA - Angelique

Jan 23, 2020

My internship program at the Scalabrini Institute for Human Mobility in Africa (SIHMA) was a fantastic experience. I am a Business Management student and I never imagined that a research internship would be a perfect match for my degree. My experience at SIHMA has taught me that there is cohesion between business and research. During my internship I learned how to conduct research that contributes to the in-depth reporting of migrant issues and refugee...